How to Help Ukraine

What you can do to help prevent a nuclear war and help Ukraine

World peace is hanging by a thread. We’ve never been so close to a nuclear war. Sounds dramatic? Unfortunately it’s not exaggerated. Many people are not realising how serious the threat of a global nuclear disaster is, so this is to raise awareness. It doesn’t matter on which side of this conflict you are. Peace is important. 

How can you help Ukrainians fleeing war? 

People are also asking what they can do to help Ukrainians. Many people feel helpless, don’t think they can do much or that their voice would be heard. But that’s not true. 

This post is to empower you and give you ideas on what you can do. 

‘Great leaders stand up and reverse how things are going’ 


What can you do to help Ukraine?

11 ways to help Ukraine

1. Put pressure on government

Send an email

Contact your politicians directly. Send a letter to your local representative in the UK, US, EU or any other country. Here you will find letter templates in different languages which you can send to politicians:

Ask your friends and family to send out letters as well. The more emails, the higher the pressure on our representatives to become active!

Sign a petition

You can demand support for Ukraine by signing a petition. Here you will find a list of related petitions to sign:

You can also google and find more petitions in your country. 

2. Speak out

You can influence the public opinion by speaking out. Yes, you can. Together we can have a huge impact. 

Post on social media

You can write the following types of posts:

  • Fundraising
  • Demand military equipment for Ukraine
  • Request tougher sanctions 

Here you will find social media posts templates, guides on how to tag etc:

Remember, there is a lot of misinformation, so use only information verified at the source.

Provide social proof

Change your social media profile description to show support for Ukraine. Show how you’re taking action. Social proof has a huge power. When people see what others have done, they understand it’s the right thing to do. 

Talk to people you know

Talk to your friends and family, tell them about what you’re doing and empower them to speak out and take action. But don’t force them to do anything, let them decide. 

3. Get the message to Russians

Misinformation in Russia

Russian media are censored. People are told that the Russian army is liberating an occupied territory. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 

Ukraine is NOT a post-soviet state. It’s been an independent country for 30 years. 
THE TRUTH IS: Russia started the war. Now it’s a full-scale Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Civilians are being killed. 

It’s the Russian people who will pay for Putin’s war. By not taking action now, Russians risk their future. They risk being ostracised by many countries and the major brands, leading to life in poverty. 

Many people in Russia know the truth but they are afraid. That’s why they need our support. They are more likely to oppose the Kremlin’s regime knowing they have our support from all over the world. We can empower them to take to the streets in protest against the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. People simply want to live in peace but now they need to fight for it. 

How to get the message to Russians:

4. Support Ukrainian army

Ukraine needs more ammunition and weapons. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pleading for more weapons. They need it immediately. 

5. Demand more sanctions

The current sanctions are NOT enough because:

  • have many loopholes
  • aren’t severe enough
  • aren’t proportionate to the act of war
  • don’t have immediate effect

6. Join a protest

Find a protest near you or organise an event. This website has a list of events all over the world as well as a step-by-step guide on how to organise and promote an event. 

7. Donate

Financial support

If you want to donate money, you will find the ways to transfer funds below. You can make a bank transfer, use Google pay, PayPal, cards or crypto.

Support for the military 
Humanitarian support 
Donating goods

If you want to donate goods, first ask what’s needed. Search collection points in your area. 

8. Offer accommodation

You can offer accommodation for free or at a discount through takes care of checking refugee guests’ eligibility, provides liability insurance and damage protection.

If you can’t host, you can donate to fund AirBnB stays. 

More ways to host Ukrainians:

9. Stop trading with Russia and Belarus

Boycott products and services from Russia and Belarus. The country bar codes are:

  • Products made in Russia: 460 – 469
  • Products made in Belarus: 481

Check companies which pulled out of Russia and which did not. Decide if you want to buy from those which are still doing business with Russia. The lists of companies are here:

There are more and more businesses pulling out of Russia, so look for updates. 


10. Offer employment to Ukrainians

People fleeing Ukraine are willing to work. They have a huge sense of pride and often are reluctant to accept help being unable to return the favour. They just want a job and a regular life in safety.  

You may have to go through some extra paperwork depending on the country in which you give employment. But you can win a dedicated and very grateful employee. 

11. Defend Ukrainian websites from hackers

Official Ukrainian websites are under a constant attack from Russia. If you have some IT or coding knowledge, you can help to protect Ukrainian online resources. Find out more here:

12. Express your support

Last but not least, express your support and compassion. If you know any Ukrainians, just say that you care and you are with them. Simply ask how they are and if they need any help. 

If you know any Russians who oppose the Kremlin’s regime, let them know you are with them. If you know any Russians who support their political leaders, tell them what the real situation is, maybe they will change their mind. 

War is not Russia. War is Putin. 

We are in it together. It’s about our future, our freedom and peace.
Stay safe. 


More information on how to support Ukraine:



Take action now.

Please share this information on social media, send private messages to your friends and ask them to share as well. Tag people in your posts to attract their attention. Include specific calls to action. If you can, do more than that. 

This post has been inspired by another post:

What action have you already taken? What do you think should be prioritised? Share in the comments below.

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