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How to Learn Faster any New Skills

Accelerate your learning

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Are there any shortcuts to learn quickly and effectively?

Is it true that you need 10.000 hours to become an expert in a new field? 

As a business owner and manager you need to learn fast and develop new skills to stay at your best. At the same time you want to save time and be efficient. Here are some quick tips on how to up your management skills faster.

Learn fast and stay ahead of the rest


6 Steps to Learn Faster

  1. Be Curious

    Read and seek inspiration from others who already mastered the skills you want to develop.

  2. Practise

    Take action and use the new knowledge in real life. Knowledge becomes a skills only through doing. 

  3. Training

    Spend 20 hours practising and mastering the new skill.

  4. Feedback

    Ask someone who is already good at what you’re learning to give you feedback and advice on how you can improve. Listen to constructive feedback only. Ignore criticism that comes from those who do it to put you down, not to help you.

  5. Start Teaching

    Share what you’ve already learnt and became easy for you to do, and start teaching others what you already know. The best learning is from teaching. By doing this you review your own skills and find the ways to improve yourself.

  6. Enjoy

    Enjoy the new abilities and praise yourself for your achievement. Fall in love with the process of learning and trust your curiosity. Find out where your curiosity can take you.

So these are the six steps to learn any skill faster as a manager. For me personally sharing my knowledge with others is one of the best and most enjoyable parts of the process. Not only I can help others but, as mentioned above, I have to review it and always find something I can improve myself – this really is the fast lane of learning

Curious minds never stop exploring and learning
What are your methods to learn new skills fast?

Have you got your own methods of quick learning? How do you work on developing your management skills? Share your tips with us in the comments below. 

Books on how to accelerate learning

Accelerated Learning: Your Complete and Practical Guide to Learn Faster, Improve Your Memory, and Save Your Time with Beginners and Advanced Techniques 
by Travis O’Ryan 
Build Rapid Expertise: How to Learn Faster, Acquire Knowledge More Thoroughly, Comprehend Deeper, and Reach a World-Class Level 
Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life 

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