How to launch a product

Product launch formula

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Find out how to launch a product, service or business

When you are planning on how to launch a product you need to be aware that people need to trust you to buy from you. It usually takes three to four interactions before the majority of sells happen. Product launch creates excitement and anticipation. You can show what’s going on behind the scenes, the effort you’re putting into creating your product to show the value and create excitement. You want people to wait for the moment when they can buy your product of service. One of the best product launch examples is the way that Apple do it. This is perfection as people are willing to queue at night to be the first to have the newest version of iPhone. 

Tip: have a date. Your launch is an event happening on a specific day. 
Tip: create an event. It has to be big and important, something people will get excited about and talk about. 

5 phases of a successful product launch

Here are the stages of releasing a new product, service or business and what you need to do in each of them.

  1. Awareness

    This stage is about telling stories. The stories need to be about your customers (not about you or your business history). For example you can tell your audience about people who used your product or service and how they’ve overcome difficulties thanks to your help. Your customer needs to be the hero in this story


  2. Connection

    Before you launch a product you need to build relationships and trust with your customers. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you. In order to create connections you need to build your communication around values.
    Apart from building new relationships, think what existing contacts you can use. It can be your friends, family and existing customers who can spread the word for you. At this stage your performance will be measured by engagement, page views and subscriptions.

  3. Desire

    This the the stage when the real product launch starts. Now you need to talk about the following things:
    – opportunity for your customers
    – call to action – what they need to do next (offer them a quick win)
    – the big picture of outcomes – where your product is going to take them
    – make an offer – show your customers how they will meet the big picture goal faster, better or easier thanks to your product or service.

  4. Sell

    You need to be confident that you are launching a good product which helps people solve real problems.
    Use intensive advertising during this phase.

  5. Delivery

    Make sure that your delivery is amazing. The reason why this is so important (apart from the decency), is that this is a pre-launch for anything that you want to sell next. The quality of delivery will have a huge impact on your future relationships with customers and customer retention. Think of all the touch points and make sure that you customers have great experience.

Uncover new opportunities

This is how you create your marketing communication to have a powerful launch a product or business and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Tip: don’t be afraid to ask for money before your product is launched and available. Without being pushy, send payment links or other directions.

Tip: have a deadline after which a product or discount won’t be available. Deadlines move people towards action. 

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