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Customer Retention Tips

What will make your customers love buying from you

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Why is customer retention important?

Customer retention is crucial for your business growth. Loyal customers who keep returning to buy more from you help you keep your marketing costs low. It’s much cheaper to retain old customers than win new ones. Apart from that, loyal customers who already trust you, tend to spend more than the new ones. They can also become your brand’s advocates spreading the word of mouth. 


How to have loyal customers

Here are things you can do to increase your customer retention and have customers who love buying from you. 

Customer retention tips

  • Ease of contact

    Allow easy access to your customer service and have more than one form of contact available. You can do it in the following ways:

    • show your contact number and email in a visible place throughout your entire website;
    • have a simple contact form (and test from time to time to check if it’s working!)
    • make sure all calls are answered during the office hours and are answered quickly;
    • return all missed calls;
    • if you have a live chat on your website, make sure it’s answered.

The ease of contact and the speed of getting support is vital for customer experience and the likelihood of retaining your customers.

  • Provide free education
    Make instructional videos showing how to use your product, instruction manuals, give troubleshooting tips, organise webinars, write articles with useful information etc. It’s a great way to add free extras to your product or service, increase the value proposition, and boost your brand image.  

  • After sale customer care
    Follow up after a completed sale and check if the customer is happy. Also check if they are using your product, e.g. if you are selling a course, check if they are attending. potting issues early gives you an opportunity to improve, if things go wrong or to personalise the offer to increase customer satisfaction.  

  • Take responsibility
    This point is related to the previous one. When you find out that something went wrong, simply admit your mistakes. In most cases people will understand and forgive. Taking responsibility for your actions and correcting your mistakes also shows that you are in control of the situation and are able to deliver a good level of service, even if it requires improvements. 

  • Surprise them
    Unexpected extras can have a huge impact on how much your customers like buying from you. You can surprise them with free bees, earlier delivery or other nice gestures. Just think what would you do for a person who you really like and to it for your clients!  

  • Personalisation
    In the era of automation, when other companies try to save costs on customer service, personalised approach can give you a significant competitive advantage. You can personalise your customer approach by helping them to find the right product fit, answering social media comments or giving easy access to your customer service team.  

  • Consistent quality
    Delivering the same level of product and customer service quality makes your customers feel safe. When they know what to expect, they are more likely to become returning customers.  

  • Human connection
    How to create a better human connection with your customers? Be personable, remember about their birthdays, send them seasonal greetings etc.  

  • Give extra value
    Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Providing additional products or services for free, without expecting anything in return, makes your customers love you and increases their loyalty.  

  • Create community
    Not only building your relationships with customers, but also helping them to develop connections with each other can help you increase customer retention. To build community with your customers, you can organise events for your clients, set up FB groups and other online or offline groups.  

  • Exclusivity
    Another good way to increase your customer retention is creating exclusive offers. By offering a layer of high end products or services with limited availability, you can make your customers desire your products more and feel great about being your customers and about buying from you.  

  • Social media presence
    Using social media will help you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase their loyalty. Your old customers will remember you when they are ready to purchase again and they can play a vital role providing social proof.  

  • Charity
    There aren’t many other things which strengthen bonds so well. Doing something together for charity is one of the beset ways of building relationships and the sense of belonging. E.g. you can donate part of your sales income to charity or organise some charity work to do together. 

  • Online buzz monitoring
    Watch what people are saying online about your company and reply to criticism as well as say thank you for positive feedback. There are various tools which can help you monitor your online reputation. Using those tools you can receive notifications when someone mentions your company name, so you can respond to comments quickly.  

  • Be kind
    The way you come across, address your customers and employees has a huge impact on your likeability and company image. And kindness doesn’t cost anything. 


Final note

Surprising clients with extras and building strong relationships are at the core of increasing customer retention. Creating loyal customers takes time and effort but it is well worth it. By retaining clients you can lower your customer acquisition costs, build a positive brand image, and spread the WoM. As a result, you can scale up your business faster. 

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