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Startup CEO responsibilities

A short review of a new CEO's duties

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What are the main responsibilities of a CEO in a startup company?

Usually a business founder or a startup CEO responsibilities include many functions and you have to fulfill many roles at the beginning. 

Focus on what matters
What should a startup CEO focus on?

To create a strong startup, one of the most important things for a CEO is to focus on what’s the most important. You cannot have too many responsibilities to do your job well. Here are the most important startup CEO responsibilities to focus on to run a successful new company.

Startup CEO responsibilities and priorities

  1. Vision

    Your main job as a startup CEO is to have a clear vision and guide your people. Your team needs to know where you’re going. Have a vision and strategy for 3, 5, 20 years (not a plan, but a vision of your organisation’s future).

  2. Finance and resources

    Make sure you don’t run out of money. You need to secure resources your people can work with.

  3. Hiring and firing

    To grow your startup you need to hire great people. Always be on a lookout for A-players, meet new people to have connections with potential hirees.
    Decide who has to go.

  4. Culture

    To create a great business you need to have a good company culture. It’s your role as a CEO to set standards how people treat each other, what is tolerated and what’s not.

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