Books by David Freemantle

A list of books written by Dr. David Freemantle

The Biz

50 Little Things to Make a Big Difference to Motivation and Team Leadership


The Buzz

50 Little Things that Make a Big Difference to Worldclass Customer Service


What Customers Like About You

Adding Emotional Value for Service Excellence and Competitive Advantage



How to become the most wanted employee around. 

Learn how you can become the most desirable employee around when applying for your first job, your dream job or promotion.  


The A-Z of Managing People Successfully


Superboss 2

The New A-Z of Managing People Successfully


80 Things You Must Do to be A Great Boss

How to Focus on the Fundamentals of Managing People Properly


100 Days in the Life of a Superboss

Stimulating People to Achieve Phenomenal Results

The New A-Z of Managing People

Adams Critical Skills for Your Business


Incredible Customer Service

Incredible Customer Service: The Final Test


Successful Manager's Guide to Business Planning

7 Practical Steps to Producing Your Best Ever Business Plan


Incredible Bosses

The Challenge of Managing People for Incredible Results


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