One-on-one with employees

A short one-on-one meeting guide for managers

Meeting one-on-one with employees is a great way to build trust with your team. This way you get the chance to connect with each person and have a more meaningful relationship. Not only should you run 1-on-1 meetings yourself, but also demand your managers to do it. 

Tips for effective one-on-ones with your employees

How to run 1-on-1s properly

The first tip for effective one-on-ones with your employees is to make a list of all your direct reports to meet with and schedule them in your calendar to avoid putting them off. 

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What to talk about in one-on-ones

1. Build rapport with the person

To create a personal connection, talk about their life and be open to talk about yourself as well, if appropriate or if they ask. 

2. Identify what inspires them

Talk about their work and life and see what they get excited about.

3. Know their priorities

Identify what’s important to the person and see if their priorities are aligned with the company priorities. 

4. Connect the vision

Company vision is something that sometimes gets forgotten in the daily routine. Connect the company vision with the daily work experience of your employees and their learning. 

5. Feedback for you

A one-on-one with an employee is a great opportunity to get some feedback from them on you as a leader as well as how they see the organisation. 

6. Have a checklist

Be prepared. Think beforehand about the meeting and have a list of things to talk about or coach them on. The list will guide you through the conversation during the one-on-one.

How often do you need one-one ones with your team?

You should normally meet with them once a month, but if the company is growing or the role is very demanding and there’s a lot going on, it can be even weekly. 

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