Simple Delegation Process for Managers

Simple Delegation Formula

How to delegate effectively to grow your business and get more freedom

The only way you can scale your  business is through delegation. If you are new to managing and delegation, it may be an intimidating task, if you are an experienced manager, there are usually areas of your delegation process you want to improve or mistakes you don’t want to repeat. 

Valley and mountains - delegation in management for leaders

The process of delegation

How to delegate in 4 steps: 

  1. Demonstrate how you do the task you want to delegate 
  2. Watch people do the task
  3. Correct when needed
  4. When they get it right, they teach the next person

Things to remember about while delegating:

  • Metrics. Have the metrics, make them clear for the employee and follow the metrics. Follow the metrics.
  • Make sure the person understand what they need to do. Ask them to rephrase the task before they start the work.
  • Do random checks.
  • Empower  others to act without you. 
  • Spend very little or no time on things that are working.
Some concerns that managers have about delegation

 One of the boss’s concern while delegating is that we can be accused of being a control freak. The answer to this is that  when a new person starts a new position it is impossible to overmanage. For  the first six weeks watch the new employee very closely – you are training them. Give them more freedom gradually and follow-up.

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