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How to create a good LinkedIn profile

Building your personal image

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Create a rock-solid LinkedIn profile to build your network

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network in the world. It is the place where your potential customers and other valuable contacts are. When making new connections on LinkedIn, it starts with the profile. How to create a good LinkedIn profile and powerful personal brand? 

Show your true self and find the connections you need to succeed

LinkedIn profile tips

Creating a LInkedIn profile is like designing an ad, so similar rules apply. 

There are three key elements to build a good LinkedIn profile:

1. Profile pictures

An image tells more than a thousand words. What is a good profile picture for LinkedIn? Here are the tips for choosing the right LinkedIn profile picture:

    1. Should be up to date
    2. Professional look
    3. Close up shot
    4. Neutral background
    5. With a smile
    6. Dress appropriately
    7. Good lighting
    8. Avoid: pictures in sunglasses or alcohol (holding a glass or around alcohol)
      Apart from your main LinkedIn picture, remember about the background image – it helps to create a professional image and you can express more about yourself.

Tip: use to get your photo reviewed by others

2. Headline

The headline is to attract attention and make people visit your profile. A good headline should include:

    1. Your job title
    2. Company name
    3. Keywords – think what people can search for to find you
    4. The ‘zing factor’ – add something unique or surprising about you, something that can help to connect with another human being and can be a conversation starter.
3. Summary

To create a powerful LinkedIn summary, include your main skills and strengths, how you can help others and the specific solutions which you offer. Add your website links here, so people can find out more about you and your business.
To strengthen your message, use social proof such as links to your social sites, reviews or embed a YouTube video. 

This is a very brief guide on how to create a good LinkedIn profile. 


Present your skills and competence to stand out from the crowd

Connect with others

If you want to connect with other professionals, post a link to your LinkedIn profile in the comments below and mention what types of contacts you are looking for.

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